Ed Sheeran Signed framed T-shirt (Charity Item)

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Signed and Framed T Shirt

Be the Best Ewe Signed By Ed Sheeran xxx

The Ed Sheeran Strum Sketch Tour T-Shirt

This T-Shirt was given to the Blossom charity when they organised a Sheep Trail round the market town of Eye Suffolk. The sheep trail was to raise the awareness of the Blossom charity who is based in Eye and to bring the comunity out in the summer of 2019. The Trail was a huge success bringing hundreds of people out into the sunshine and share the journey around Eye. The sheep were sponsored by companies and Hoarders was more than willing to step up and help such a great charity. At the close of the trail the sheep and T-shirt were auctioned off to raise funds for blossom to continue there great works. Hoarders purchased the T-shirt so we could offer it to a wider audience and raise further fund for Blossom.

This is a Charity sale. All the sale price will go to the Blossom Charity, Eye, Suffolk. The Charity helps people of all ages be the best they can be.

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